Sep 26, 2007

MIX FM a copycat?

Don't you just love the show Flirty@10.30 on Fly FM?

Crushin' on someone but can't bring yourself to declare your love? Stop sweating! Just get Jules and Prem to do it for you instead! If cupid is feeling good, you might just receive a call from Jules and Prem.

And MIX FM is trying to imitate that show on their morning show.

Ever faced trouble impressing a girl or guy you adore with confidence? MIX fm's bubbly and energetic breakfast trio Ika, Serena C & Pietro are here to take on the role of cupid by helping you make the first move with XXX!

I listen to both radio stations although I prefer Fly FM these days. MIX FM is already losing its magic and trying to become a copycat is not going to help!

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