Sep 28, 2007

How to be a 30 something and still look like in your 20s

These tips are highly recommended and approved by HCFoo. It works for me all the time.

1. If you are wearing glasses, get rid of it and use contact lens instead.

2. Never ever perm your hair. Go for hair rebonding (perm straight hair) or even better get a short cropped haircut.

Get rid of facial hair and nasal hair!

Go to the dentist and get yourself a brilliant smile (don't have to be exactly like Tom Cruise!). Brush three times a day and drink lots of milk. Get a toothbrush to be used in the office after lunch.

Drink more water and use moisturizer on your skin. You definitely don't want your skin to look dry and old, don't you?

Wear more colours (but don't get yourself mistaken for a clown or rainbow).

Wear jeans or khaki shorts instead of pants when going out for leisure.

Mingle with people of different ages. Explore different variety of topics with them by reading news and blogs.

9. Get out from the house or your office. All work and no play makes you feel older. Go to the gym, park, shopping centre or on a short vacation.

10. Smile always. And add some humour to your conversation wouldn't hurt ;)

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