Sep 26, 2007

Getting a tattoo in my 30s

Nothing to shout about it.

It's just a revelation of something about me that a lot of people including some close friends and family members(except my sister) who doesn't know the fact that I actually have a tattoo.

I had an 'om' on my right arm a couple of months ago at Dragonfly, the Curve. While some friends advised me to go for the better local tattoo artists in Kuala Lumpur, I chose to have it here instead.

And the result was rather satisfying although I haven't complete the colouring process yet. At first I wanted a shaded 'om' but later I decided to have it coloured all black on the second visit as it was nearly 10 p.m.

The tattoo artist is Helen. Those who's interested to make an appointment can reach her at 03-7710 9689.

As I am the fleshy type, it is not painful at all. In fact, I'm kinda enjoying the process.

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