Sep 10, 2007

Kitchen-krazy #1: Over the Weekend

It's been years since I really cook an entire dinner meals for friends. So I decided to cook simple dishes for the five of us.

The preparation especially chopping onions and garlics kinda time consuming.

And for the first time in my whole life, I clean the fish which includes scraping
the scales, cutting the fins and removing the entrails in its cavity. Well, it wasn't really a comfortable experience but I'm glad I was able to do that considering I've only seen my ex-housemate in university did it once. Same goes to the prawn-cleaning session whereby I took off all the shells and the veins.

Earlier of the day, I started preparing jelly as desserts. I tried agar-agar santan but because I don't have a proper mould and I was too impatient with the jelly, it didn't turn out well but still edible. Luckily the jelly in cups (rose flavoured jelly with longans) turns out to be just nice.

The menu for that evening was:

Main dish
Chicken rice (thanks to Sarah!)

Japanese tofu and egg
Lady's fingers masak sambal belacan (with lots of dried shrimps)

Baked beans and eggs (the easiest to cook but turns out to be a DISASTER and not presentable)
Ketchup prawns (which is rather EMBARASSING because I wrongly estimated the portion)
Stir-fried fish with soy sauce (and lots of fried onions)

Drinks and dessert
Sprite mixed with lychees and longans
Jelly in cups
(rose flavoured)

Never in my life felt that Saturday can be such a long meaningful day. Think I should start experimenting and cook more wink And get better pictures too.
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