Sep 23, 2007

Books Meme

I love books, so I'm going to do this books meme tagged by Princess Shin.

Total number of books owned:

Honestly I have lost count of the books I have. I have books in my hometown and here in Petaling Jaya. And months ago I sold a lot of books on Ebay just to have more space for my library books which I borrowed (many of them) for my project paper.

Last book bought:

I did not buy any books recently. But the last book bought was What Makes You Not A Buddhist written by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse. I haven't finish this book even though it has been bought for more than a month already.
The author expresses the essence of Buddhism in four simple points, which he presents to readers as a set of challenges:

1. Can you accept that all things are impermanent and that there is no essential substance or concept that is permanent?

2. Can you accept that all emotions bring pain and suffering and that there is no emotion that is purely pleasurable?

3. Can you accept that all phenomena are illusory and empty?

4. Can you accept that enlightenment is beyond concepts; that it's not a perfect blissful heaven, but instead a release from delusion?

According tot he author, only when you can answer these questions, with an unequivocal "yes",can you truly consider yourself a Buddhist.

Last book read:

Same as the last book bought.

Five books that mean a lot to you:
1. Pointing Towards Vajrayaya by HH Sakya Trizin
2. The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman
3. Change Your Life in Seven Days by Paul McKenna
4. Awaken The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins
5. Syair Siti Zubaidah (the author of this classic remain anonymous)

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