Sep 20, 2007

10 reasons why you must watch Nadal instead of Federer

Okay, I've just checked out about the exhibition match for Malaysia Independence Tennis Festival and tickets are selling fast for the Clash of the Times match between Roger Federer and Pete Sampras. Many of the expensive seats were sold out!

Now, the same thing is not happening to the 'special match' (as mentioned in the Ticketpro website) between Rafael Nadal and Richard Gasquet. As Nadal's huge fan, I'm going to list my 10 reasons why you should watch Nadal vs Gasquet match instead of Federer vs Sampras.

Nadal vs Gasquet

Federer vs Sampras

1. For the energetic and young crowd.

For the boring and conservative crowd.

2. A lot of muscles and good looks.

Only hairy chests.

3. Better hairstyle.

Boring hairstyle and losing hair.

4. A lot of rally and running around. Expect a longer match that makes your money worth.

Big serve and a lot of aces. Expect a shorter match.

5. They are the new generation of tennis players that rule the tennis court.

Federer still rules the tennis court but Sampras has retired since 2002.

6. They are rivals in today’s tennis sport. Expect a ‘real match’.

Merely play for exhibition purpose. Not a ‘real match’.

7. Intense celebration whenever Nadal wins a point or a match.

Selamba or rarely showing any emotion when winning points or match.

8. Watch Nadal’s obsessive compulsive bum groping

Nothing unique

9. Left-handed player vs right-handed player is always more interesting to watch.

Right-handed vs right-handed.

10. Better choice of seats.

Limited choice of seats as many tickets has been sold out.

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