Jun 17, 2007

sex education makes its way into the classroom by next year

By next year, our children are going to start having sex education in their classrooms. The subject is known as Pendidikan Kesihatan Reproduktif dan Sosial.

I know one of my colleague is working on a series of teacher's resource/guidebook in this subject. While at the pantry this morning, she and another colleague were giggling away and I was curious what they were talking about. She told me about the project and how she felt about the pictures and terms used in the books.

Back to her cubical, I approached her and asked permission to take a look at those manuscripts. You know what? I consider myself an open minded person and support sex education. Somehow when I saw those words such as 'penis' or 'punai' used in the text and supported by real photos, I was confused. These books are going to be used for preschool and primary level. It's not that I can't accept the way the manuscripts were written but how it's going to be accepted by the public.

I don't believe it's going to be well accepted by parents and politicians once this subject makes its way into the classroom. Somehow I believe there will be certain parties who will object this subject. There will also be teachers who refused to teach this subject just like some teachers who refused teaching the reproductive chapter in Science subject in the secondary level.

I wish I can show you some pictures from the books here but it's going to be unethical.

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