Jun 12, 2007

Nadal's naked picture?

I might be Nadal's biggest fan but never in my life thought about searching for his shirtless or even naked pictures on the internet.

It was until last weekend, I checked my Getcliky site for blog traffic, I came across a reader who visited my blog looking for Nadal's naked picture. I almost dropped my laptop when I looked at it. Not because I was shocked but it was because I was laughing my ass off.

So, I try to google for his shirtless picture (sorry, no naked pictures) and this is the only one I've got. Anyone has a better picture, please forward to my email, please. Thank you! Haha!

Updates: For whom it may concern: if you are looking for Nadal's naked picture, I don't have it. However, if you still haven't give up, please visit Sam's blog instead. The picture that you are looking for is there.

Updates in 2008: After more than a year, finally you can see Nadal's ass-et here ;)

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