Jun 2, 2007

Nadal to play in Shah Alam too this November?

Although I'm not 100% sure about this, but my source said that Rafael Nadal is definitely coming to Malaysia!

I don't understand why The Star want to keep the news tightly to themselves by not mentioning Nadal's name in the exhibition match in Shah Alam. NST sounds more sincere in letting us tennis fans know that not only Fedex and Pistol Pete will be visiting us in November, but also Nadal, the indisputable clay court specialist.

My source also said that Nadal will be playing against a local veteran tennis player. The only player that I can think of is none other than Adam Malik. Since this is an exhibition match, I don't mind settle for this match although I would like to see Fedex play against Nadal in my homegrown.

And by the way, to those of you who came into my blog searching for places to get the tickets to this exhibition match, don't worry because the organizers have not make an announcement yet. Give them some time and you guys will see it in papers.

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