Jun 10, 2007

Astro: you pay what you watch

Personally I'm very excited because there will be another two new channels coming up on Astro on June 15. I'm all for The History Channel which will be on channel 54. The other new channel is Crime & Investigation on channel 79.

As a history buff, there's nothing better than a history channel that stand on its own. I always never get enough of history shows on Discovery Channel or National Geographic. I'm looking forward to watching shows about The Universe, about the Roman Empire, The French Revolution (my all time favourite), political and historical figures, great scientists and many more. I just wish there will be more shows about the history of China but it's kind of hard to come by especially in English programmes.

Since there will be more channels coming up, Astro subscribers don't complain too much lar. You should pay for what you watch. It's pay television! If you do not wish to pay so much, then get cheaper package. Don't complain because there are other subscribers who are willing to pay to watch these new channels.

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