Jun 3, 2007

writer's block & other updates

10 reasons why I have nothing to blog these days
  1. Working long hours.
  2. Seldom yam char with friends because on diet. No gathering means no topics to discuss about.
  3. Don't really watch television. So don't really know what's going on television.
  4. Not much outing because no free passes, concerts or events going on recently.
  5. Only tennis is on my mind. Can't blog too much tennis though or else I will bored everyone to death.
  6. Don't really read The Star these days. So nothing to discuss about.
  7. Spending too much time on writing manuscripts after work. So I'm exhausted by the end of the day to blog.
  8. I enjoy reading blogs and writing comments more than updating mine.
  9. I'm having writer's block.
  10. I have no life?
Nah, this weekend was rather amazing. I have life indeed. I attended an amazing party on Friday and it was my first party in two years. But no details about the party I attended because not so appropriate as some of my students read my blog. What would they think of their tutor later.

And I managed to catch Miss Universe 2007 on Star World channel 70. Miss Philippines (not Miss Kangkang, mind you) whom I blogged about recently won herself Miss Photogenic. Congrats! Miss Japan is not bad but I think Miss Korea is more beautiful. But I guess saying that you love children and enjoy teaching will win you the crown. However, for me the most outstanding contestant should be given to Miss USA. Despite a slip while doing the evening gown session and being booed by the Mexicans (for political reasons), she remained calm and graceful.

While watching Miss Universe, I saw the promo of The Ellen Degeneres Show. Finally we get to see the talk show on local television network. It will be shown on Star World channel 70 on Monday at 8 p.m. starting this week.

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