May 29, 2007

rest day

I had a tough day working yesterday because of eye infection/stress. I couldn't even eat since yesterday because I was too distress by the situation.

I thought long hours of sleep last night would help but it didn't. Believe it or not, I could barely open my eyes because its muscles were so weak.

This morning I was taken to the nearest clinic. Even the doctor didn't want to stare long into my eyes. He gave me an eye drop, medicines to relax eye muscles and to relieve pain and itchiness and asked me to take 2 days off.
After taken the medicines and sleep for the whole day, now I'm fresh and my eyes are okay again. I'm not sensitive to light anymore. I can even blog right now. So I'm going back to work tomorrow. Miss my work.

So guys, don't concentrate too much on your work or in front of your computer for long hours.
Always remember to take a break in between work. I have no problem when I was younger but I guess age is catching up.

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