May 6, 2007

paolo nutini - the next big thing

I don't feel like blogging on weekend but I'm just so crazy about this song called Rewind sung by Paolo Nutini I want to share it with you guys. You can listen to the song which is on the side bar too. Paolo Nutini is a newcomer in the UK, gaining popularity in the Europe and now making his wave in the US.

Yes, this is another song about ex. But this is as good and as teary as James Blunt's You're Beautiful. This song is taken from his album, These Streets. I haven't heard about this song on the local radio yet but I'm sure Paolo Nutini is going to be the next big thing. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Updates: I just went to Victoria Music Station at Atria Shopping Complex and managed to get a copy of Paolo Nutini's album, These Street. So, his CD is available in Malaysia already.

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