May 27, 2007

more on tennis: live in Malaysia and Roland Garros

It seems that The Star did not mentioned about Nadal playing in Shah Alam this coming November. However, the news in New Straits Times (NST) reported otherwise, that Nadal is going to play against a mystery opponent.

I wonder why the news are not consistent. Well, I want to believe NST because I don't really trust anything reported (or not reported) by The Star. The most popular local English newspaper has the tendency not to report certain news to protect their personal interest. Well, of course I also want to believe that Nadal is coming to town.

Meanwhile, my sister might be able to get free passes for me to watch Fedex and Pistol Pete in action. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyway, tomorrow will be the first day of the French Open. It's my favourite Grand Slam since Michael Chang won the championship in 1989.
I'm sure if you remember, that was one of the proudest and memorable moment for all Asian and Chinese people around the world.

Okay, no more mentioning about Nadal now. Will save it for his first round match.

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