May 24, 2007

the awakening of the Works Ministry

I believe the election is coming soon.

No, it's not about the pay rise for civil servants that our generous government announced earlier this week. I'm talking about potholes!

This morning, while on my way to work, the potholes were still there as usual along the road from Damansara Jaya to Kayu Ara, through the Sony HQ until Kota Damansara. Well, potholes are basically everywhere here in Petaling Jaya.

Then in the late evening on my way back from work, all the potholes were gone! Wow! The people at the Works Ministry must have finally woke up from their sleep. By the way, let me share something with you. The last time I saw our Mr Works Minister taking his nap (no joke!) was during my school's rombongan trip to the Parliament when I was in Form 5.

So the potholes were gone but they will be back. Yes, the potholes will most likely be back in two or three weeks from now. I think the Works Ministry should check on the formula and technique they used to patch the potholes. The quality of the patching job is really bad and requires lots of rework. For example, they keep patching the same pothole in front of SK Damansara Utama and the one on the way to Seapark from SS2.

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