Apr 28, 2007

Tyra 'Goprah' Banks: who's her next victim?

The other day when meeting my ex-coursemate/housemate, Lily, she said she did dropped by at my blog too. She told me my blog was serious. Errr... yeah it's true. Since school time I can't write anything fictional or funny. I always chose to write serious and factual stuff (if you must know I'm definitely not a blogger liar).

Well, here is something entertaining (but still something factual). I always like Tyra Banks especially her show America's Next Top Model which I never miss a single cycle. And you know Tyra has a talk show called The Tyra Banks Show. So Katharine McPhee, the first runner up for American Idol 5, was on her show and guess what Tyra did? She felt Katharine up. Chec
k out this clip.

That's not the end of it. Guess who's her latest victim? When Tyra was on Rosie O'Donnell show, The View, Tyra gave Rosie a serious groping! Eeughh...
Haha... I wonder who's next?!

You know what they call Tyra now? Since Tyra always thinks herself as the next Oprah, people started calling her Goprah.

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