Apr 27, 2007

Kaer's album 'Menjelma'

I think I should say something about Kaer's debut album in my blog. After all, his album is worth mentioning and I want to show my support to local artistes.

If you do not know who's Kaer, he's one of the student in Akademi Fantasia 2. Although he did not made it far in the reality show, I must say that he's one of the most talented contestant in that show. I did tell myself I'll definitely going to get his album if he's going to come up with one.

So Kaer had his first album recently. I'm so glad he sticks to his R&B cum Indonesian-influenced music. You know what? This guy is talented and you definitely don't want to miss his songs from this album called 'Menjelma'.

There's a combination of slow and fast songs in this album. The album started off with a fast paced number, Menjelma. Then of course there's his hit song, Izinku Pergi. You must check out the music video of this song.

One of his song that gives me goosebump is Dalam Kenangan written by Azlan Abu Hassan who also penned the song Izinku Pergi. Other songs that worth listening are Sinar Cahaya, Apabila, Hilangnya Cahaya, Kembali Bersama 2004.

So, if you like to listen to Anuar Zain, you should listen to Kaer too. For more information about Kaer, check out his myspace site.

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