Apr 15, 2007

in the dark

So I'm in the dark right right now.

There's no electricity in SS2 and my friend staying in Damansara Jaya is facing the same problem too. But luckily it's not a national crisis.

I tried to call Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) 15454 to report the matter but it seems that I'm not able to get through even after many tries.

I thought this is the common thing that happen during the 80s but it seems that even in the 21st century we often having this kind of problem. I had couple of similar experience last year.

So what TNB has to say about it?

Updates: I didn't charge my battery earlier so I couldn't online. So basically I'm doing nothing but trying to get a nap and fed the mosquitoes at the same time.

I had been calling TNB's Customer Care Line only to find myself in the 30th and 40th caller in queues. Thank god the electricity is back at 1 a.m.

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