Apr 3, 2007

habits or little known facts about me

Vhanded tagged me!

Here are the 10 weird things or habits or little known facts about me:
  1. I'm 30 years old (no, I'm not afraid to let you guys know my age) but security guards at Genting casino still asked for my MyKad. It happened so many times I'm not sure if I should take it as a compliment or an insult.
  2. Speaking about Genting, I'm one of those people who chose to sleep in the car at the parking lot in the open air.
  3. I'm obsess with mint. From mint chocolate ice cream to tiger balm, I can't live without them.
  4. I can't swim and I'm afraid of the water.
  5. I have phobia over snakes. It's pretty serious because if I flipped through a magazine and unexpectedly come across a snake picture, I'll jumped up.
  6. I've written fan letters and send sketches to New Kids On The Block, Toni Braxton and Wilson Phillips when I was in secondary school.
  7. I used to have 5 piercings on my left ears.
  8. I'm very particular about toilets. I would rather tahan until I go home. And I appreciate clean public toilet like the one at Mobil Bandar Utama.
  9. I'm easily touched when watching movies. It doesn't have to be a romance movie. As long as the movie has a touching line, I'm moved.
  10. I still keep a journal of all the sajak I've written since secondary school.
I think I still feel normal after disclose my secret habits and facts. Now I get to tagged another 6 people. They are:
  1. flsam
  2. che-cheh
  3. aziya
  4. papajoneh
  5. julie
  6. princess shin
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