Apr 14, 2007

Blog Apocalypes - My Last Post!

PapaJoneh, thanks for remembering me. And thanks for tagging me too.

I know this might not be the end of the blogosphere or because I'm planning to write more posts tonight.

But seriously, if this is my last post, I'm going to make full use of it by writing my last sponsored post! Haha... just kidding. Of course no way, man.

Ok, here it goes my last post:

Firstly, I want to say I love all my friends, bloggers and strangers who dropped by my blog everyday. Thank you guys for taking your precious time to read and comment in my humble and yet narcissistic blog.

I can't believe the blogosphere is coming to an end now. It's pretty devastating because I'm not going to be able to share my opinion and experience with you anymore. The worst thing is I'm not going to be able to drop by and see how you blogger friends are doing anymore. You know what? I enjoy reading your blogs more than writing mine.

Well, I think that's it. Sad things shouldn't be bragged. It's better to be nice and short.

So, until then, see you guys again, whether in real life or after life.

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