Mar 26, 2007

where is my desktop pc loaded with Window Vista?

I have waited patiently. Indeed very patiently. My friends including a few bloggers and treasure hunters have been asking me the same questions repeatedly for the past 1 month.

"Hey, how's your new HP desktop PC, ah? Window Vista nice or not?" asked Shuh Yong.

"I'm sure you already get your PC by now," said a treasure hunter in an email.

"Wei, nice or not ah the PC? I thought we agreed to sell it at ebay and then split the money since we don't win anything at the Vista Walk Hunt?" asked Chia Chia, my treasure hunt team mate and friend.

"Joking only lar. What??? Serious ah?! HP haven't give you the PC, meh?" she continued.

"I told you to complain already. Supposed to be your birthday present, wert. Now after more than one month also haven't get. No stock, no stock. Ask them to give you a laptop with similar feature lar," my sister insisted.

"Yah, yah yah. I will call them again tomorrow lor. They said no stock mah. I also cannot do anything, wert. You know I don't like to ask so many times. Not that I'm embarrassed to ask for my prize. But I called so many times till people also scared liao," I explained to them.

"HP is a big company mah. If that model out of stock, sure they can afford to give something better than that model mah. You think which one is important? Owe people a PC or just give away a PC or laptop with similar model and save their face?" my brother added.

"Aiya, you all don't say liao lar. I pening already lar. Tomorrow I'll call again lar. Altogether I'm like call four five times liao. Email to the Marketing Manager also send liao. But he can't even promise me a date," I said trying to calm everyone down.

"I'll give them a call tomorrow and then see if they can settle that for me within this week lar. Seriously I lagi pissed off than you all coz I have to wait for more than 1 month liao. Window Vista punyer mood also tarak liao. Haih, we'll see how lar, ok?" I tried to convince them again.

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