Mar 23, 2007

blogs are not just for criticizing the government

When I first started blogging, I would sometimes blogged about the government whether in a positive or negative way. I would also read blogs written by the opposition parties not because I'm interest in their propaganda but mainly because I wanted to know what's not debated in the local newspapers and tv news.

At first I enjoyed reading their blogs. However, after some time I told myself not to read anymore because I was getting sicked of their criticisms. When one of the opposition party leader criticized the banners in UM (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about), I was pissed off by their negativity and told myself not to read their blogs again.

Yes, I'm a pro government but I'm also a rational citizen and voter. So when recently the Tourism Ministry labelled women bloggers as liars I condemned his remark too. If you have been reading the papers in these couple of days, you would not appreciate the comments (perhaps I should use the word 'attacks') by the Johor Bahru MP and Hulu Langat MP too.

Instead of making enemy with Malaysian bloggers, I suggest the government to start learning about the blogosphere and find ways to seek opportunity and gain support from bloggers instead. Many of us are more interested in learning how to make money online and discussing about the latest happenings and personal lives rather than criticizing the government. At least I am. And most of the bloggers in my community too.

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