Mar 3, 2007

fund my Buddhism studies in Kathmandu, Nepal

If you have noticed the side bar on your right, there's this 'Fund my Studies' ChipIn widget. My intention is to raise $850 (which include tuition, room and three meals a day) to study at the International Buddhist Academy next year. The course will commence from June 4th to September 15th each year.

I will sponsor my own flight tickets and living expenses which may comes to about RM4 000. During the 3-month course, I will go through the philosophy class as well as learning Tibetan language. Below is the course outline:

The Moonlight Distinguishing the Views, by Kunkhyen Gorampa (1 month)
This text is praised due to its clarity in identifying and critiquing the three major interpretations of Madhyamika philosophy which developed in Tibet, comparing these approaches with the classical Indian sources. Studying this text instills a correct understanding of the Madhyamika view, particularly regarding the definition of inexpressibility and emptiness. [Check out my previous post on emptiness which mentioned about the Madhyamika philosophy]

Abhidharmakosha, by Acharya Vasubhandu (the first two chapters in 2 months)
This is the key text used for the study of abhidharma within the Tibetan traditions due to its systematic and exhaustive treatment of ontology, psychology, cosmology, causality, states of consciousness, etc. It is an indispensable text for all students of philosophy and is considered a vital part of the Buddhist path. As was said by Buddhaghosha, "Those who study the Abhidhamma literature experience unending joy and serenity of mind."

If you would like to chip in a few bucks (or more), kindly click on the ChipIn button. You contribution is much appreciated. I will keep you updated about this course from time to time.

**Update** I've removed the ChipIn button because I'm funding my studies through sponsored post and Adsense.
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