Mar 27, 2007

finally HP said the desktop pc is ready

After my post yesterday, finally I have received a good news from HP this afternoon.

I did sent an email to the HP Marketing Manager (MM) yesterday asking the status of my prize, a HP Desktop PC which I won at the Window Vista Launch recently.

And today after failing to get the person in charge on the phone several times (I failed to get her on the phone yesterday too), I decided to call the MM himself. He told me that the PC is available for pickup.

I've just log on to my email and saw the MM's reply and he thought I already collected the PC.

I'm just glad that I called the MM or else the PC is going to sit at the office just because nobody cares to inform me (or should I say attend my enquiry).

I'm going to pick it up tomorrow and going to write a review about the desktop PC soon. Hopefully it's going to worth the wait.

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