Mar 30, 2007

connected to Maxis 3G Connect

Currently I'm connected to Maxis 3G Connect. My sister got a free data card upon the subscription to Maxis 3G Connect (RM120 for unlimited usage per month) and the deadline is today. The data card is worth RM1299.

Coincidentally I need a new connection. So I told my sister to get the connection since we always go back t
o our hometown in Kuantan. It's slightly expensive and have slower connection than Streamyx but we do not want to go through the hassle of opening a phone line. It's also a hassle to use the UM's wireless connection because of the pop-ups (and connection failure like last night).

When we went for registration just now, we just need to pay RM100 for deposit and within minutes we were connected. The connection is better than I expected.
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