Mar 26, 2007

antara plot dan teknik plot

Some students actually confused between plot and teknik plot.

Plot is the structure of events within a story and the causal relationship between them. In KOMSAS (Komponen Sastera), the novels used are chronological and they are formed by 5 elements:

1. Permulaan
2. Perkembangan
3. Perumitan
4. Klimaks
5. Peleraian

On the other hand, teknik plot can be seen by the usage of the following techniques in presenting a story:

1. Monolog (dalaman atau luaran)
2. Dialog
3. Saspens
4. Kejutan
5. Pemerian
6. Imbas kembali
7. Imbas muka

Hope you don't get it wrong the next time you see the words plot and teknik plot. For more details on how you can apply the above elements to your novels, please find them in your reference books. I recommend publishers such as Sasbadi and Fajar Bakti for their KOMSAS reference books and Cerdik Publications for their past years papers.

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