Mar 19, 2007

300 follow up: who is the real King Xerxes?

This is the follow up of my previous post on the movie 300.

In my opinion, the most fascinating character in 300 is not King Leonidas or his Queen but the effeminate Xerxes of Persia. I was asking myself, since when a Persian King was bald, gold and jewel-clad and had his fingernails manicured?

Eventually, the real Xerxes in the picture above wear little jewelery or probably no jewelery at all. He also has a beard and mustache and a head full of hair (even more than Leonidas).

To continue from the ending of the movie, which is based on what I get from wikipedia, after King Leonidas was killed by Xerxes men, he was beheaded by Xerxes' order and his body crucified. Immediately after Xerxes ordered the desecration of Leonidas' body, however, he felt remorse and, forty years later, Leonidas' corpse was returned to the Spartans.

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