Nov 23, 2006

mckenna can make me thin?

Most people might not have heard about Paul McKenna. Well, he might not be as popular as motivational gurus like Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar, but I've read two of his books (on the left) already. There are also mind-programming CDs which comes in free along with the books.

Unlike Tony Robbins and others, McKenna's writing is simple and practical. If you are a reader like me who wants to be motivated but in a short and simple way, McKenna is the man.
I don't think any book ever motivated me to do something drastic but McKenna did. After reading his book Change Your Life in 7 Days and listened to his CD for two weeks, I actually took part in the Amazing Mall Challenge organized by AXN channel. I'm always a quiet and shy person. So taking part in competition is too huge for me to handle. And not enough of that, I participated in a treasure hunt early this month.
In work, I've started to do sales and presentations. Now that I publish my own books and create my own educational programme, I need to make cold calls and meet people to create sales. Small steps but a huge different in my life.
And a couple of days ago, I managed to grabbed McKenna weight-loss book I Can Make You Thin at the Big Bookshop sale in Atria shopping complex, PJ. Books are quite cheap at this book-sale, way cheaper than in MPH. Imagine you can get this book at RM19.90 compared to RM62.90 at MPH. Unlike other thick weight-loss book, McKenna's book is 'thin' and yet practical and I think rather applicable for overweight people like me who doesn't eat consciously. After listened to the CD for a couple of days, I seem to began to change the way I eat, slower. According to McKenna, his system will work in at least 2 weeks time. I just make sure I listen to the CD every day and see some changes soon.
You can get the two books at the Big Bookshop sale. Warning: don't expect too much from the book sale. You don't find a lot of popular titles there.
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