Sep 6, 2006

who is the real Suri Cruise?

I'm not a big of Tom Cruise and never interested to blog about him. But his baby with Katie Holmes, Suri, which was just revealed to the public made me curious. There is one big question in my head, "Is this Suri Cruise?" Looking at her picture just made me want to know the truth.

1. Why does Suri look so Asian?

2. Why does she look older than her age? I'm pretty sure that I know how to differentiate between a 4-month old baby and a 2-year old.

3. How come a 4-month old baby has so much hair?

4. Why did Tom and Katie take so long to reveal their baby? Tom loves attention but why this time he is so secretive?

5. I always thought that Tom can't have a baby and that's why he opted for adoption when he was married to his ex-wives. Perhaps technology can create miracles now and I'm too ignorant to know that.

Anyway, the baby is cute and she will definitely have a good life having Tom and Katie's as her parents.

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