Sep 8, 2006

just 3 reasons why I hate "One In A Million"

I must say that of all the reality singing show I've ever seen, "One In A Million" is the show that you don't feel like watching. I watched the first few weeks and then I stopped. I only kept myself updated with the show results and gossips. Here's are just 3 reasons enough to make me stop watching:

1. The show is a rojak show. I don't mean the language (although it is) but because the show is a mix of Akademi Fantasia (the diary part and the comments by Shafinaz which is very similar to what she always said in AF) and Malaysian/American Idol (Paul 'Simon Cowell wannabe' Moss and the small stage).

2. Recording artists are allowed to participate but this is not my reason. I mean artist like Dayang Nurfaizah is exempted from the show's promotional tours? 8tv double standard or what? If I'm the sponsor, I'll kick her out! I thought participants must sign a commitment letter. So Dayang has a different agreement? No doubt she is a good singer, but what is the point when you just want to take the RM1 mil but not participating in all the promotional tours like everyone else. I hate to say this, but is she doing her own promotional tour because I've been seeing advertisement that she was performing in Planet Hollywood few months back and even on the TV (not OIAM though).

3. The participants are boring and doesn't have charisma. I don't think anyone really deserve the RM1 mil. In fact, I think AF is more successful. Seriously that was the only Malay show that I followed although I don't vote. Perhaps I like the show because of Aznil. And the quality of sound and transmission are clearer too.

I think 8tv should go back to Malaysian Idol instead. One In A Million is a total failure. It's true.
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