Sep 4, 2006

the amazing race 10: fever is on

Again, The Amazing Race proves that they are still the best reality competition by winning again at the Emmy Award last week.

And the new The Amazing Race season 10 will be shown on AXN starting from 18 September! It feels like ages waiting for the show (and I felt just the same way for Lost season 3!) eventhough we just saw BJ and Tyler won season 9 few months ago.

I've just log on to the AXN website that offers to win The Amazing Race goodies by simply giving one amazing reason to watch the show. I've submitted mine. I would loved to win the waist pouch and torch!

"I can give hundreds of reasons to watch the Amazing Race and talk about this show from season 1 to season 9. But above all the good reasons, there is one particular reason why I loved so much about the show. The diversity of the culture in each country the contestants have been to show me how small the world we lived in and yet time is often limited for us to see the entire world. While contestants rushed from one check point to another, they get to explore different countries and continents of the world. Some of the contestants spared time to admire and appreciate the beauty of the places along the race while some just concentrate on their tasks or relationships or even complained about the inconvenience they faced particularly when they were in the third world countries or East Asia whereby English is not a popular language. Therefore, I'm really excited and looking forward to season 10 because this time around we are not only going to see the most amazing and diverse culture in the most challenging cities in countries like China, Mongolia and Kuwait but we will also have the opportunity to watch the most diverse casts (there are Asian-American, Indian-American, Muslims, an amputee and an out-lesbian) ever shown on the Amazing Race."

For more info about The Amazing Race 10, go to:
CBS: The Amazing Race 10
Wikipedia: The Amazing Race 10

And by the way, The Amazing Race Asia promotional tour is coming to Malaysia this Saturday at Berjaya Times Square. They are looking for 10 teams of 2 to participate in some of the challenges and win great prizes. I wish I can join but I gotta work.
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