Aug 23, 2006

I got tagged: aku anak Malaysia

I've never been tagged before so thanks to Renee whom I just met at last week AXN challenge. And this is certainly not an easy one but I'll try to come up with 10 reasons.

Aku anak Malaysia

1. ... because by the time I was born, my country was no longer known as Tanah Melayu but Malaysia.

2. ... because I grow up having a lot of Malay and Indian friends (besides Chinese). When I was in secondary school, I was especially close to a Malay friend, Norzana, and an Indian friend, Neela, and the three of us represented the unity of the three main races in our class.

3. ... because my favourite language is Malay language and that's my best spoken and written language. I especially loved Malay literature. When I was in form 5, one of my sajak were published in Dewan Siswa. Today I still teach Malay language to my private students.

4. ... because my favourite foods are nasi lemak, penang curry mee and cendol. I hate western food.

5. ...because I love the history of my country. If you dropped me in the museum in Malacca, I can spend hours reading the history of Parameswara turning Malacca into an entrepot, the invasion of Portuguese, British, etc. The purpose of studying History (according to the Ministry of Education) is to intil patriotism among students. So, I'm the product of our education system.

6. ...because off and on I still watch RTM1, RTM2 and TV3 especially on the local news.

7. ...because despite all the criticism about our local higher institutions, I'm still paying my fees to them. Local universities might not be "world class" enough compare to the universities in UK, US, Japan or even Singapore, but there are a lot of experienced lecturers here. These lecturers are a lot better than the lecturers in local colleges (or university college). Education in local universities are the cheapest in the world, and not to mention you can easily get study loans. I totally support local higher institutions unless you have deep pockets to go overseas.

8. ... because although I have never joined the Merdeka celebration in Dataran Merdeka or Putrajaya, I always switched on to RTM1 to watch the countdown or parade in the morning (although it was only for a few minutes).

9. ... because I go to the pasar malam in SS2 almost every week. Although I don't really like to walk among the crowd, but you just can't resist going.

10. ... because I always pray for the stability of economy and politics of this country. I don't intend to go anywhere. I hope to finish my studies soon so that I can contribute back to the society.
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