Jun 1, 2006

things to do when involved in scratch-n-win scam

The Star: Report scams to tribunal
Scratch-n-win scam

Here are the procedures of what you can do if involved in scams:

1. Go to Consumer Claim Tribunal (Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna), Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs, at 16th Floor, Plaza Place, The Mall, Kuala Lumpur or at your nearest location.

2. Make sure you have all documents (4 sets of photocopies of receipts, contract, credit card, typewritten descriptions of the whole senario, photos of products "won", etc, if any) ready before you go to the Consumer Claim Tribunal.

3. You will be required to fill in 4 copies of Form 1 (Borang 1). In these forms, you can claim the total amount that you have paid for the scam plus a maximum of RM200 for miscellaneous claims.

4. After paying RM5 for the processing fees, you will be given Form 2 (Borang 2). The officer will advise you to post a copy of the documents to the defendant through registered mail. You will also be given a court hearing date on the same day.

5. Kindly proceed to your bank (if you use credit card for transaction), fill in a dispute form and inform the bank about your situation. While it is not likely the bank will do anything to stop the transaction, at least you have inform your bank about such merchant who is involved in the scam.

6. Attend the court hearing.

Another friend of mine took action and she got her money back. While it is not guaranteed that you will gain back your money, at least you have done your part to inform the authority and bank about such scam involving the irresponsible company.
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