Jun 14, 2006

scratch-n-win scam gang spotted again @HSBC, PJ

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My friend who were cheated by the scratch-n-win scam just called and said she's seeing the same group of people outside the HSBC Bank, Petaling Jaya branch just a couple of minutes ago. She came out from the bank and the same "scam gang" from Techligent Sdn Bhd (based in Penang and was said to be previously known as Zunich) is spotted outside the bank doing exactly the same thing, knocking on people's car and looking for the next victim.

So, inform your friends and relatives about this scam and be aware when being approached by people outside the bank. Another source told me that this scam is currently operating widely in Wangsa Maju and Kuantan as well. The last time I heard, a victim was conned RM8k.

As for my friend, who were being cheated RM4k, received a call from Techligent Sdn Bhd and said the cheque for refund is ready today. However, they refused to pay extra RM200 for lawyer fees. If they really refund the money to my friend, the court case (7th July, 2006) will be closed.
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