Jun 12, 2006

learning through crossword puzzles

I've always been passionate about crossword puzzles. That's why I've been trying to incorporate crosswords into the national syllabus and hope to produce an alternative way for students to grasp knowledge.

I have been using the same tool to teach my students, and so far the results have been amazing. My students did improved on their spelling and able to memorise terminology, vocabulary and facts (although there's no scholarly research being done to prove it yet). It can be used on both high achievers and under achievers, depending on its usage and sets of questions. Hence, I've been running workshops for teachers to guide them on crossword construction and how to use it in their classrooms. So far, I have been receiving good response from teachers and parents.

So, in order to apply this to students, I'll be running a series of workshops from this month end to August. Subjects include Bahasa Melayu, English, Science, Mathematics, Sejarah, Geografi and Kemahiran Hidup. This one-day workshop will be conducted in University of Malaya at the Faculty of Education. Time and date will be notified soon.

Schools, teachers parents and students who are interested and want to know more about this workshop, please contact me @ 012-3720 858 or email to me at
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