Jun 12, 2006

Dr M vs Pak Lah - my point of view

I told myself I'm not going to blog about politics anymore. But I felt guilty if I do not say something about Dr M vs Pak Lah issue.

I'm a pro-government and will always be. At the same time I also support leaders who are bold enough to come forward and enlighten the government. And Dr M is one of the very few people. I'm totally agree with Dr M when he said that Pak Lah has dismantle many of his projects. However, isn't that what happen to most of our government policies and projects in the past, too? Whenever a new minister takes over the leadership role, old policies will be abolished and new policies will be introduced to the rakyat.

However, there is one thing that the government and rakyat should never forget, Dr M's Vision 2020. Ever since Pak Lah take over the PM role, we are almost forgotten that the vision ever exists. Pak Lah and his ministers never ever really mentioned about Vision 2020, except during the recent Ninth Malaysia Plan.

We are not focusing towards our goal anymore. We only worry about tomorrow, if the government will ever raised the fuel price, tax or electricity rates. Pak Lah said we will focus on the Ninth Malaysia Plan, but trust me, most of us are not well-informed of the plan. And how about the 4.8% inflation rate? Since we are expecting a higher electricity rate this month, the the inflation rate will definitely increased to more than 5%. Are we just going to sit and wait or the government is going to do something about it? We no longer have short term solutions and long term goals.

I want to see something concrete being done by the government and not focusing on less important thing like anti-smoking or budi bahasa campaigns. Solve the AP issue, explain the scrapped bridge to Singapore project, inflation issue, improve national sports, etc. Your ministers said they are behind you back, so make them help you to solve the many issues facing by our country now. Also let us know your vision.
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