Jun 16, 2006

disappointed with Canon

I was rather disappointed with the services at Canon. I went to the branch in Shah Alam and had to wait for 15 minutes before it was my turn.

I know my IXUS II was rather outdated but I knew many people who's using the same model having problem with the display LCD as well. It was pretty frustrating because the screen is totally blackout. I was told by one of the customer service rep to wait for two weeks. Until now, even after 9 days, I couldn't see any changes to the status of my camera. I tried to login earlier on but the website was down.

I went to Nikon a week earlier to service my Sis's DSLR and I must say that the services offered there were so much better. I didn't have to wait for my queue and their service was fast (plus the reception is very friendly)! I was told to wait for 15 minutes for sensor-cleaning but they never keep me waiting for that long. Moreover, it is free.

I love the IXUS camera but I hope Canon can improve on their services (they need to learn to smile, too!).
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