Apr 24, 2006

my simple weight-losing plan - week 2

I've lost 3kg (that's equivalent to 6.6lbs). That's quite an achievement for me as I'm not the "exercise person".

Although I did not continue doing sit ups (I hated it so much) after the second day, I did jog and walk everyday without fail. And yesterday, I replaced the jog with cycling as I was in A Famosa Resort. Luckily I've started this exercise thing last week and have the stamina to cycle up and down the slopes at the resort.

I believe it's going to be a lot easier this week as I do enjoy eating salad although it means that I have to eat the same thing for lunch and dinner everyday (I've been tapao-ing Garden Salad minus the popcorn chicken from KFC everyday). I thought it would be cheaper to make my own salad but I've been to a couple of places here in PJ and I've decided that I won't eat any vegetables that are not fresh. I have been eating light meals like vegetarian meehoon for breakfast. Also I have been drinking lotsa water and low fat milk instead of my usual soft drinks.

I've never have so much self-discipline before in my life especially when it comes to eating and exercising. But I'll just do it for the sake of losing a few more pounds.

(My friends have been very supportive too. And now I don't get to join them eating out at mamak because they don't invite me anymore!)

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