Nov 8, 2005

should I pay for the token of appreciation every end of the semester?

Currently I'm pursuing my master in educational management and by the end of each semester, the leader of each class will ask us to pay between RM5-10 to buy gifts for the lecturers. I'm not sure if this is a norm in other faculties or universities. It's not that I'm a cheapskate but I really believe that this is not really a good practice. I'll tell you why.

There are these class 'leaders' who are usually government officers or teachers who collect money from between 20 to 100+ students in each class. The money collected will be used to buy expensive stuff like branded accessories, batik shirt and even gold bracelets. Imagine, I'm attending one particular class of about 120 students and we are asked to pay RM10 for a gift and dinner (just outside the classroom). Okay, let alone the dinner and the token of appreciation. What I'm really dissappointed was when the leader announced to us about the collection, he mentioned, "Bayar RM10, mana tahu, kita dapat A ke..."

Some government officers and teachers bring along their negative habits into the university. For example, there's one senior officer who is about to retire. Instead of bringing his assignment, he brought in duku and langsat for the lecturer. However the lecturer was smart. The lecturer did not accept it but instead asked him to share the fruits with all of us and reminded him to pass up his assignment on the following day.

Sometimes we just blame entirely on the management or lecturers for the poor standard of our local universities. Perhaps, it's the attitude of its students that should change as well.

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