Nov 9, 2005

desperate housewives: a good show with bad moral

I thought Desperate Housewives was a good show. After all, they received good ratings and publicities (including the interviews on Oprah and even the First Lady Laura Bush said she watched the show). No doubt the show was well-scripted and not to mentioned the amazing casts especially Teri Hatcher (Susan) and Felicity Huffman (Lynette).

However, the recent episodes made me realized why Desperate Housewives was knocked out by Everybody Loves Raymond in the 2005 Emmy Awards. It was simple. Everybody Loves Raymond is a good show with good moral values while Desperate Housewives doesn't.

Not enough with murders, suicide, infidelity, abuse and various taboo issues (s&m and homosexuality) at Wisteria Lane, I found that the most disturbing character in this show is Andrew (Bree and Rex's evil son). This boy not only escaped (thanks to the parents) from the law after knocking down Carlos' mother, he hates his own mother so much that he would kick and spit on her. This evil kid, who confessed to Reverend Sikes that he doesn't believe in god, said he will be good and one day when his mother is least expected, he's going to do something really bad and rock her world. For godsake!

I hope this show is only watched by adults and not young kids. This is definitely a bad show for them. Bad bad show....
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