Sep 25, 2005

please, no more Malaysian Idol 3

I beg 8TV, please, no more Malaysian Idol if you can't produce a winner with good quality singing and performance. Ahmad Izham and the judges said Daniel's winning is healthy for the music industry as he has a large followers to vote for him (1.2 million votes for the grand final to be exact).

I thought he sings 'Mimpi' awfully until the level I have to switch to other channel because I was so worried and embarassed for him. One of the caller during the press conference asked, how is he going to represent Malaysia in the World Idol? I certainly believe he doesn't have the voice to represent Malaysia in the international level. Poor Daniel.

Instead Nita did a great performance. I am certainly proud of her. She is elegant and she definitely has that 'diva' look. She's going to be a successful singer if she can come up with a great album that suits her personality. Too bad that most of her fans are in the 20s and above. We love her but we don't waste our money to buy votes (it is religiously and politically incorrect).

8TV must understand that 50 sen per vote is expensive (nowadays sms only 1 sen) and rational adults don't vote. Those who vote are especially young girls aged below 18. This again proved that last night result doesn't represent the 'Malaysians voice'.

I believe soon Malaysian Idol is going to end up like Akademi Fantasia whereby guys win every season. And not to mention the rise of fanatic fans who only vote based on looks and not talent. If this is the case, I urge 8TV to come up with other reality shows instead.

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