Aug 12, 2005

wear mask, please........

I was lucky to avoid the worst haze in PJ a couple of days ago. When I came back from Penang this evening, I expected a lot of people to wear masks (as seen on newspaper) in KL and PJ. However, a lot of people are still ignorant and avoid wearing one. I presume these are the reasons why people still have not get a mask for themselves.

1. Wearing mask is not cool and embarassing.
2. Still have not decide which mask is better, the conical mask or the surgical mask. (Perhaps the SDU mask is even better, but where to get?)
3. It's out of stock!
4. Waiting for Malaysian Crescent Society or health ministry to distribute free mask rather than buying the pricey mask at pharmacy or 7-Eleven.
5. There's not much difference between the normal (polluted) days and the hazy days in KL.
6. Smoking is more hazardous because it kills. That's why our government campaigning for anti-smoking but not anti-haze although we suffered from it every year since 1997.
7. ONLY two districts are in the state of emergency. So, we are still safe.
8. We do not receive any wide coverage from the international media or support from WHO. It means our condition is not that bad.
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