Jul 22, 2005

UMNO has a plan for the malays, what does MCA have for the chinese?

I rarely follow up closely with the UMNO general assembly. But this year is slightly different. No, not because of Rafidah Aziz and her AP issue that I'm interested in but rather on the educational issues often debated by UMNO delegates. However, I have nothing to comment about education as I am very satisfy that our PM strongly support meritocracy.

I admire the spirit in UMNO leaders who fight effortlessly for the betterment of their people. While they are chanting Hidup Melayu and Pak Lah addresses his speech, A Giant Step for the Malays, I am asking what can MCA do for the chinese community.

I do not see any convincing action plans by the MCA leaders. I don't even see where is our direction and where the chinese community is 15 years from now. When I read the papers, all I see was their concern in winning election.

Where do the chinese community should go from here? I doubt I can get the answer.
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