Jul 7, 2005

reasons not to hold the 2016 Olympic Games in Kuala Lumpur

Since Ivan gave his reasons to hold the 2016 Olympic Games in KL, here's my own version of why not to hold it in KL.

1. We don't have good track records in campaigning. Look at the failed Budi Bahasa and Tak Nak campaigns.

2. We don't have superstar footballers like Beckham and Raul.

3. We don't rule in badminton anymore.

4. We don't want to make into the history book by being the first Olympic host that didn't win any medals.

5. We have high possibility of not having a chance to sing our National Anthem.

6. Our PM prefers localise events rather than international recognition.

7. Malaysians are not patriotic. We only idolise western teams.

8. We have already retired since the Commonwealth Games in 1998.

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