Jun 9, 2005

something's very wrong at the servicing departments

This morning I was at the institute of postgraduates to work on my fees for the coming semester. All of us have to come to the fact that the servicing departments in universities and government are the same. I was at the counter and one of the employee told me to wait. So I waited, for about 10 minutes. There were 6 persons in that very room and yet no one wants to attend me. The reason, it's because the person in charge was on the phone in another room.

When the lady in charge went back to her cubicle, she was so busy replying sms and yet nobody ask her to attend me at the counter. I was so mad but control myself because I know I have to deal with these people again in the future. Finally, she attended me at the counter after calling her several times. In fact, there were another 3 person waiting behind me (plus another foreign student who was already very mad and complained about their attitude).

I'm not sure if we have to live with the attitude of these people forever. My buddy went to Putrajaya yesterday and she told me that the officers there finish work at 4 pm although the official time is 4.15 pm. And finishing work means they walk out of the building. That means they do not attend customers by 4.45 pm so that they have ample time to prepare themselves and pack their stuff to go home. This reminds me of the my uni library. By the time it was 4.50 pm you can see the staff walking out of the building already.

Staff in government departments and universities are too comfortable and they are lack of drive and enthusiasm. Try to imagine if they only have to work five days a week. This will only train them to become even more lazy. What's next? 4 days work so that they can off on Friday as well?
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