Jun 20, 2005

the propaganda behind Putera UMNO

Yesterday, our PM launched PUTERA UMNO in Malacca. The person behind this idea is none other than the head of PEMUDA himself, Datuk Hishamuddin. So why there is PUTERA when there's already PEMUDA in the first place? Probably it's because these guys doesn't want to lost out to WANITA and PUTERI UMNO.

PUTERA is for young men aged between 18-25. The purpose of PUTERA is to encourage young people to involve themselves in healthy activities through association. Come to think of it again, PUTERA is political based and most of these young men are still studying in in colleges or universities. There are many positive activities these young men can relate themselves to such as PALAPES, Rakan Muda, etc, but why politics? I thought students are not supposed to involve themselves in politics especially with the opposition parties? And now the government is promoting PUTERA. Isn't it contradicting?

(*HCFoo is a supporter of the government, though)
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