Jun 28, 2005

finally I've decided to give up AF3 for Malaysian Idol

I have made up my mind! I'm going to stop watching Akademi Fantasia 3 and go for the real talents instead. Yes, despite all the bad things I've said about the judges and hosts on Malaysian Idol, I promise to spend my Friday night watching the idol wannabes on 8TV.

It is sad because AF3 has a better format compare to MI. However the fanatic fans on AF doesn't believe in real talents. Contestant like Idayu was kicked out from the competition although she has proven herself as the best singer among her peers. Chatters in Astro Channel @15 even said AF is not a place for talented people like her and she should have join MI instead.

The judges on AF make no difference at all. Despite all the sincere and wise comments, even Shafinaz (no doubt, one of the best judges on AF) got booed by Mawi's fanatic fans last week. What a shame!

Hopefully things will be different on Malaysian Idol. We definitely don't want to see contestants being vote for nothing. We want to see real talents. We want the real deal! Please, no tv shows that suck money from voters and certainly not fanatic fans that monopolize the whole show.
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