Jun 2, 2005

a dream French Open semifinal

On Friday Rafael Nadal is going to play the biggest match against world no.1 Roger Federer. On that very same day, it is Rafa's 19th birthday. Rafa improved so much this year and with his solid performance and unbeatable records on claycourt this year, he is definitely my ultimate choice to win at Roland Garros. It's never been better than to win a Grand Slam on birthday.

On the other hand, Federer is not an easy competitor. He makes tennis looks so easy to play. To me he never looks like an aggresive player and yet this guy can manage the court so well. Federer is definitely the genius is tennis.

Whoever who win this match tomorrow is definitely fated to win the Grand Slam. That's for sure. Davydenko or Puerta (the other two players in the semifinal) may be a good competitor in the final but Rafa or Federer have better track records.

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