May 4, 2005

what is wrong with football?

Football is a dirty game! It has proven time and time again that bad decisions had been made by uncompetitive referees.

Yesterday we saw the defeat of a champion, Chelsea. The whole world saw Gallas managed to save the ball but a goal was awarded to Luis Garcia. Instead of giving Garcia a penalty kick the stoopid referee acknowledged the goal which didn't passed the goal post at all! I wonder what are those referees for when they can't make wise decision.

Liverpool did well but only to the extent of being defensive. They don't deserve to be in the final in Istanbul. Perhaps it's just a matter of luck or maybe it's a match that has been decided on. Or maybe they won't be around in the Champions League next season, it is best to let them into the final. At least Chelsea still around to compete next year and probably win it.

Critical matched always end up controversial. Perhaps it's a love and hate situation here in football.
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