Dec 28, 2017

Roger Federer engages in 'a cooking match' with Michelin star chef Davide Oldani

Press release

A nice plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce, the triumph of simplicity and a true symbol of Italian cuisine and the Mediterranean Diet around the world, marks the encounter of two extraordinary champions in their respective fields. On one side, the greatest tennis player of all times, Roger Federer, an icon of style and lover of good food who does not hide that he’s “unfamiliar” with cooking. On the other, Davide Oldani, the Michelin star Chef who made ‘Pop’ cuisine his tenet: simple ingredients affordable to all, but always cooked with great mastery. Two talents who meet for the first time in front of an icon of Italian food for a special occasion: the shooting of a global commercial in Italy for Barilla, the world’s most loved pasta brand.

Roger Federer & Barilla: Masters of Pasta 
“I’ve travelled a lot of countries, with different traditions and gastronomic cultures… but pasta remains one of my reference points. I’ve been eating it since I was little; I find it to be a fantastic food. Yet, I don’t know how to cook it” – the Swiss champion admits – “To tell you the truth, when it comes to cooking, I’m far from perfect”.

Federer is not someone to shy away from challenges, however. He will not stop halfway on the path to perfection. The time has now come to engage in a very difficult challenge for him, the quest for perfection in the kitchen. This is the first step in a journey that will see Roger Federer succeed in bringing his mastery perfection from sports to daily life.

A box of Barilla Spaghetti N°5 and a few simple ingredients are his tools. His gestures and the way he puts himself to the test show that he has the makings and talents of a champion. This is the narrative framework of the partnership between Roger Federer and Barilla.

So one discovers that, like in tennis, the recipe for perfection is made of simplicity, passion and commitment. An accessible and daily art that yet needs training and perseverance.

“Pasta has been in my daily diet since I was a kid. I am really happy to be part of the Barilla team: they are the best in their field”.

Federer & Oldani: Together in the quest for the excellence of simplicity 
Federer & Oldani: an impromptu meeting that promises plenty of surprises. An unexpected pair that actually share many traits: talent, discipline, commitment and - most of all - the passion for the excellence of simple things. A master playing the role of the apprentice and a challenge that proves rich of surprises. All this seasoned with glamour, style, humor and fun. But what will the strict “maestro” think of Roger’s début in the kitchen?

“You can immediately recognize a champion: whatever he does, he puts all he’s got in it. Filming the spot with Roger was a real pleasure,” coach Davide Oldani said.

Spaghetti with tomato sauce: A symbol of Italy all over the world 
Just like Roger Federer represents the apparent simplicity of the technical gesture in the tennis world, so the instant translation of “less is more” in the cooking world is represented by spaghetti with tomato sauce: the simplest pasta recipe, healthy and iconic, the symbol of the Mediterranean Diet. A recipe that Oldani has proposed with a touch of creativity by adding mint instead of the traditional basil, to reinforce the concept that simplicity and tradition are always evolving, as long as one keeps the importance and quality of the raw materials in mind.

An ageless champion with a healthy lifestyle 
During his long and brilliant carrier, Federer has collected many records and titles: he holds the no. 1 ranking for total weeks as best tennis players in the world (302); he won 91 single ATP tournaments, with a record 19 victories in Grand Slam tournaments. In his career, he also won two Olympic medals. In 2017, he won three tournaments, including the Australian Open and Wimbledon. At these levels, nothing can be left to chance, least of all the diet.

This is particularly true for a perfectionist like Federer, who has become an example of longevity in sports also thanks to a correct dietary lifestyle.

Pasta is the centrepiece of his dining table: “A correct diet is essential to my success: pasta perfectly combines my nutritional needs with the desire to eat good-tasting food”, Roger Federer concludes.

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